It’s been pretty busy around here lately, and it’s going to be busy all summer long until the end of August.  Last week, Aubrey and I went to my cousin’s house to babysit her son for the day.  In the evening, we celebrated my mom’s birthday.  The entire rest of the week consisted of cleaning and preparing for the wedding, which was on Saturday.




Thursday was the rehearsal dinner and on Friday my mom, sisters, and I got our nails done together and did some last minute things to get ready.  Friday night, I started realizing that my big sister is really getting married and got a tad bit emotional.  Then again, who couldn’t get emotional after being around my mom and sister who hugged and cried about a million times that day;) Actually, it was really sweet and made me think of how it’s going to be when Aubrey is getting married.  Ugh.  And then Saturday morning came along, and we woke up extra early and got ready.  We had breakfast and mimosas while we got our hair and make up done. After taking pictures with the photographer, our ride arrived and we headed to the church.








Let’s please all cry at the pictures of Laura and my dad walking down the aisle.  It was the only time I cried the whole day, father daughter things make me cry all the time.  I literally cry when Jake and Aubrey do cute things together. I’m not emotional.






The reception was so much fun, once Aubrey finally calmed down and got used to all the noise.  She hates crowds and loud sounds, so this was pretty much her worst nightmare.  But after a while, she overcame her fear and was dancing and playing and having just as much fun as everyone else!  It was a beautiful day and I am so happy for my sister and brother-in-law! They are now on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, and we are now bunny-sitting for them.


And we’ve kind of just been relaxing by the pool here and there.  I have been trying to finish planning my sister’s bachelorette party that is coming up, and we have my cousin’s baby shower this weekend.  Aubrey’s birthday is next month  and I have started planning her party too.  Lots to do, can’t wait!