I got a little distracted and stopped writing for a few months, but some big things happened at the end of Summer.  Aubrey turned two and my other sister got married!  Now both of my sisters are married and it is so cute.  Cory’s wedding was so much fun, except for me being extremely nervous for my maid of honor speech all day.  I literally consumed so much alcohol to prepare for this speech, everyone knew I was so nervous and just kept handing it to me.  And I kept taking it;) Everyone kept telling me “You’re going to cry, just get over it and don’t be nervous!” and I responded by saying “I don’t think I’m going to cry actually, I don’t really show emotions in front of people like that.”  After cocktail hour, we all went into the reception room where Aubrey was screaming her head off because the dj was talking in the microphone and she thought he was yelling at her and the music was loud.  I wasn’t expecting to have to do my speech so soon after going in, so I took her into the other room so that she could calm down.  The next thing I know, my dad and jake are coming in and saying “you’re on!”.  Dazed and confused I went back into the room, took the microphone and (with a shaky/nervous voice) started reading my speech.  My first thought was thank god I am so drunk right now because everyone is staring at me and I feel so awkward.  And then I thought about how weird my voice sounds in a microphone.  I was doing good…until I saw my sister crying out of the corner of my eye.  Then I started crying. And I could hear Aubrey crying in the other room still.  And then I realized everyone in the room was crying.  So I think it went well?  Afterwards, the party started and it was so much fun! After all the beer, champagne, wine, and random drinks through out the day/night, finding the shuttle bus to take us to the hotel and getting to our room…with a two year old?! Accomplishment of the century.

The next morning? Not fun at all.  I need to remember that toddlers do not care if you’re hungover;)

Jake and I went to an Eagles preseason game the next day with his family.  But I still felt like shit from the day before and didn’t want anything to do with tailgating. And right when I was pulling into the parking lot, I hit a huge pothole and got a flat tire so that sucked.

coco wedding1

coco wedding2

coco wedding3

Aubrey turned 2 July 22!  I can’t believe she is 2 already.  She is so smart and sweet, and I am so thankful that I get to be her mommy.  We celebrated with a circus themed party, complete with popcorn and cotton candy machines and a bounce house!












Such a fun day celebrating our little love with family!


We took the rest of the summer easy and did fun things outside.  We went to the zoo and fed some giraffes. I turned 22, and then before we knew it…Fall was here! And that’s okay because, fall is the best season.  What a crazy and fun summer with so many memories<3