This weekend is Halloween!!!!! One of my favorites (I say that about all holidays).  This year, Aubrey is dressing as Willow (our cat) and I decided to diy her costume since halloween costumes are so expensive.  I made her a black tutu with ribbon and tulle, and it was my first time making one.  I have to say, I am pretty happy with how it came out!  She’s going to wear black leggings and a black shirt, and some kitty cat ears and a tail that we bought.  She wouldn’t let me draw on whiskers for the pictures I took of her when we tried on her costume, but hopefully she will on Halloween before we go trick or treating!!!





We baked some Halloween cookies last week, and this week we need to carve our pumpkins but our costumes are ready and we are so excited! This year will be Aubrey’s first year trick or treating because the first year, she was three months old so we just visited family with her costume on and last year she was too shy, and cried when strangers talked to her.  This year, though, we think she will love it! Hopefully she does;)



We’re going to spend the rest of this week watching Hocus Pocus and all our other Halloween favorites.  Happy Halloween week!! 🙂