I know there’s people who truly hate Halloween, but I just can’t figure out why! It’s so much fun and so exciting every single year.  This morning Aubrey had a little festive breakfast that included ghost pancakes and fruit (oranges are her new fav!) and she loved it!


My poor little love had a bad cold all week, and, while she is slowly getting better, she is definitely not 100% yet.  Hopefully tomorrow morning she wakes up feeling better because having a sick baby is the worst!  She literally broke my heart into a million little pieces the other day when I walked in her room to get her out of bed in the morning and I asked her if she felt any better.  She replied (IN HER LITTLE CONGESTED VOICE) “Oh, I don’t know, mommy.” 😦 Can’t wait until this cold is gone!

All morning, we listened to the Halloween station on pandora, read all her Halloween books, watched Hocus Pocus and other favorites, and played outside with her costume on because she couldn’t wait to wear it!






Finally, it was time to go trick or treating!  I was so excited because I never got to take Aubrey before.  She was so cute holding my hand in her little kitty cat costume, walking from house to house.  She kept saying “okay, mommy! let’s go to the next house and get more candy!”  The people who had dogs outside would try to offer her candy and she would run right past them to pet their dog.  My little animal lover.  She only said trick or treat a few times, but she did say “Hi” a lot and she did say thank you a few times too.  I tried to remind her to say thank you to one neighbor, and she looked at him and said “You’re welcome!” Oh, Aubrey:)  After a little while, she wanted me to hold her instead of walk.  I guess she was getting tired and still wasn’t feeling well.  We headed home and she cried because she wanted to go to “just one more house!”  After a piece of candy and some relaxation on the couch with her mom mom, she was fine.  She must have been exhausted because she passed right out!



My brother in law and sister stopped by right before heading to a party.  He was a ghost and my sister was a Dunkin Donuts barrista.  So cute!



I love seeing everyone’s costumes, it’s one of my favorite things about Halloween.  This year was so much fun, and I already can’t wait for next year!! 🙂