This time of year gets SO busy.  Midterms and tests/assignments nonstop for school.  Holiday shopping (my fav! I love giving gifts to people.), getting outside to enjoy the weather before it’s too cold to go to the park everyday.  And, of course, keeping my two year old entertained and learning.  A few weeks ago, Jake and I took Aubrey to a lake that is about an hour away from us to take pictures for our Christmas cards.  There was a lot of walking, and some unexpected hiking after the main entrance, which takes you right to the lake, was closed off.  (I was in a dress and flats) While we hacked through the prickly vines and branches of the woods, taking turns holding Aubrey the whole time.  It was actually a lot of fun and we felt like little adventurers, even though my legs ended up completely scratched up.  Aubrey got through scratch free and that is really all that matters! 😉

When we finally got through the woods and to the lake, it all seemed so worth it.  Aubrey loves boats, especially sailboats because there is a new show on Sprout called “Sydney Sailboat” which is actually pretty cute (It beats Caillou).  I had been feeling so out of it for the few days prior after losing our dog that we had since I was 8.  Being at the lake was so peaceful and beautiful and therapeutic. Seeing Aubrey get excited about the boats didn’t hurt either.  After the adventure just to get to the lake, I look kind of like a hot mess in the photos but it doesn’t even matter.  The entire day was just what we needed.








The vastness of the lake makes life and all of it’s problems/stress seem so small.  It somehow reminds me to fully appreciate the people in my life.  I could not have asked for a better day with my little family that I am so thankful for everyday.  It didn’t even occur to us that we would have a long hike back to the car though! 😉