I really can’t believe our sweet girl is three now!  As much as I miss her as a chunky little baby, she just gets more and more fun as she gets older.  Her little personality is just hilarious and she keeps us laughing all day long.  Except when she throws her fits and yells because three-year-olds are apparently just plain sassy.  She picked out her party theme this year, which was pretty fun because it was the first year that she got super excited for her party.  She had so much fun picking out decorations and party supplies and loved going shopping for it.  And the theme she picked?  Finding Dory!

She is obsessed with all things Nemo and Dory.









It was such a fun day celebrating our little girl!  She had a blast, except for the part when she bawled her eyes out as we sang Happy Birthday and then proceeded to have a meltdown for a few minutes afterward.  In her defense, she did ask us not to sing to her, but I was not expecting her to cry :/  So glad that the weather turned out great, despite the fact that it was the hottest day I have ever experienced.  Happy 3rd Birthday, Aubrey Haven.  We love you as deep as the sea!