I am so glad that I had a girl because she loves doing girly things with me, and nothing is better than hanging out with my little girlfriend.  She is always down to go outside and play and take pictures, and that is honestly one of our favorite things to do.  We got into making flower crowns the other day, just to pass the time.  And then, the next thing we knew, we had the camera on self-timer and the rest is just history;)


I just love her.

Also, it’s been feeling more and more like Fall and we aren’t mad about that one bit.  I really want to try and have a good year with her as far as learning goes.  She will be starting pre-k next year and already knows SO much, and I can see all the time that she is ready for school.  So this year, we will spend it together and love every second of it while we work on reading.  So far, she has been learning pretty quickly and she never ceases to amaze me.  Time is such a bitchhhhh, I can’t believe my little bestie will be in school before we know it.  But I am so proud of her, and for now we will wear all the flower crowns we want.