On Saturday, we decided to go out to lunch and go to the art museum, which is something I have been wanting to do for a while.  We had no idea how long we were actually going to be there because we just had no idea how huge this place was.  That being said, we left the stroller in the car:/ Aubrey was still so well-behaved and walked almost the entire time.  We only held her when we were in busy rooms so that we wouldn’t lose her while looking at the displays.  Next time, I will definitely bring the stroller just to make it a tad bit easier because it is a lot of walking.  I also would love to go on a week day or maybe in the evening when it isn’t as crowded.

I was so proud of Aubrey because she literally looked at everything and took it all in.  I have always loved art and museums, so being able to share this with her was so special to me.  I feel like if all else fails, if my children know how to appreciate art, nature, history, etc. then I did a good job. 😉







^^Even if you’re not super into art, there really is something for everyone at the museum.  Jake wasn’t that blown away with the paintings and sculptures because that’s just not his thing.  But on the top floor, it’s all ancient weaponry and armor and architecture and he was really into that.  // Also, holy shit. People really put a ton of time into making weapons and armor.  There are literally the smallest, most intricate etchings and designs on these things!



It was such a fun day for my little family, and we definitely want to go back again!