I always look forward to Halloween, but this one was the best one ever.  Originally, Aubrey wanted to be Alice in Wonderland.  We got her costume, and I was excited about my queen of hearts costume that my aunt let me borrow.  Jake was going to be the mad hatter and everything was all set.  Then, about a week before Halloween Aubrey decided she definitely needed to be a pink unicorn.  Even though the other costume would have been cute, I just love her little ideas.  It was so fun to see her get excited about her costume as she watched it come together.  She already had a pink tutu and tights, so we just bought her a pink leotard.  For the horn, I followed along with THIS tutorial I found on Pinterest.  It was pretty easy, and I just glued on little flowers when the horn was all done.  Every morning, Aubrey watches me put on my makeup, so she was literally soooo excited when I sat her down and did her makeup for her costume.  Then, we just put on little diamond stickers and she was all set!



In the morning, Aubrey woke up to find a little Halloween breakfast waiting for her.  She loved it and kept saying, “Thank you for making me this Halloween party, mommy!” Heart melted. I love doing things like that because it just helps make her childhood more magical, plus it’s just fun!  While we had breakfast, we listened to a Halloween playlist and danced around the kitchen;)  We had pumpkin pancakes, this recipe was so good!  Aubs ate all her pancakes right up!




Of course, Halloween would not be complete without a few cute pictures and a pumpkin craft.





I know Halloween can sometimes be crazy and the next day can be hard because everyone is exhausted, but the thought of not having an excited little trick or treater one day makes me so sad and really just want to enjoy every single Halloween we can get.  Unfortunately, kids grow up and then we miss these days.  I hope everyone had a fun and festive Halloween!