This time of year always flies by, but I really feel it went too fast this year.  We had a good Thanksgiving with our families.  Aubrey made a turkey again this year, and every day we added what she said she was thankful for.



After Thanksgiving, we got in the Christmas spirit and did all kinds of festive things.  This was definitely my favorite Christmas with Aubrey because she really got into it and got so excited for Santa.  She became especially obsessed with Rudolph and singing all the Christmas songs she could learn!




We also started the Elf on the Shelf shenanigans this year and had so much fun hiding her throughout the house every day!  Aubrey would immediately begin looking for her as soon as she woke up and would get so excited when she found her.  She named her elf Chapstick!







Aubrey definitely had a good Christmas. She asked for lots of Paw Patrol stuff and was happy with everything she got.  I would say her favorite gifts were her water-color paints and all of her paw patrol pups and the lookout tower.



I think my favorite part of Christmas this year was watching Aubrey light up with all of the Christmas magic.  Kids really do make Christmas so much fun!

On New Year’s Eve, we just stayed home, baked cookies, and watched the ball drop. Nice, easy night in.


How cute is Aubrey’s dress?! I love handmade clothing, especially little dresses on little girls! This one is from Swallows Return on Etsy.  Aubrey told me she felt so pretty in it so obviously my heart melted.

I wasn’t too sad to see 2016 go, it wasn’t our best year.  Thankful for new beginnings and change in 2017.  Hope you all had a wonderful and festive Thanksgiving and Christmas! Happy New Year!!