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On Saturday, we decided to go out to lunch and go to the art museum, which is something I have been wanting to do for a while.  We had no idea how long we were actually going to be there because we just had no idea how huge this place was.  That being said, we left the stroller in the car:/ Aubrey was still so well-behaved and walked almost the entire time.  We only held her when we were in busy rooms so that we wouldn’t lose her while looking at the displays.  Next time, I will definitely bring the stroller just to make it a tad bit easier because it is a lot of walking.  I also would love to go on a week day or maybe in the evening when it isn’t as crowded.

I was so proud of Aubrey because she literally looked at everything and took it all in.  I have always loved art and museums, so being able to share this with her was so special to me.  I feel like if all else fails, if my children know how to appreciate art, nature, history, etc. then I did a good job. 😉







^^Even if you’re not super into art, there really is something for everyone at the museum.  Jake wasn’t that blown away with the paintings and sculptures because that’s just not his thing.  But on the top floor, it’s all ancient weaponry and armor and architecture and he was really into that.  // Also, holy shit. People really put a ton of time into making weapons and armor.  There are literally the smallest, most intricate etchings and designs on these things!



It was such a fun day for my little family, and we definitely want to go back again!



I really can’t believe our sweet girl is three now!  As much as I miss her as a chunky little baby, she just gets more and more fun as she gets older.  Her little personality is just hilarious and she keeps us laughing all day long.  Except when she throws her fits and yells because three-year-olds are apparently just plain sassy.  She picked out her party theme this year, which was pretty fun because it was the first year that she got super excited for her party.  She had so much fun picking out decorations and party supplies and loved going shopping for it.  And the theme she picked?  Finding Dory!

She is obsessed with all things Nemo and Dory.









It was such a fun day celebrating our little girl!  She had a blast, except for the part when she bawled her eyes out as we sang Happy Birthday and then proceeded to have a meltdown for a few minutes afterward.  In her defense, she did ask us not to sing to her, but I was not expecting her to cry :/  So glad that the weather turned out great, despite the fact that it was the hottest day I have ever experienced.  Happy 3rd Birthday, Aubrey Haven.  We love you as deep as the sea!

This weekend was amazing.  The weather was just right for playing outside and taking pictures.  After breakfast on Saturday, Aubrey immediately ran to the door to go outside.  Her new thing is she knows how to melt my heart in order to get what she wants, and it is actually hilarious.  She will run to the door and say “Mommy, peas?(please) Outside?” and then she will come up to me and grab my hand and say “come on, mommy!” Her sweet little voice and the fact that she grabs my hand (when she used to refuse to hold anyone’s hand) gets me everytime and she knows it.  I had to laugh at the thought of me being wrapped around her little tiny finger….just like everyone else! 😉

After playing outside at the house and a quick trip to the park just so Jake and I could do a couple of laps around the track there, we took Aubrey to Valley Forge to run around and (of course) to take pictures. I love them!
















Not pictured: Aubrey falling face first into a bundle of poison ivy and me pulling some tics off of myself and Aubrey.  We came home and got baths and all refreshed. Aubrey did not get poison ivy, but Jake has it so bad on his arms and the back of his neck.  He has been miserable because of how itchy it is.  We made a little paste with baking soda and vinegar because I saw it on Pinterest, and that burnt a lot but it relieved the itching and he actually said it felt good.  It did make the poison ivy look a lot worse as far as being a lot more red and bumpy, but I know the vinegar draws out the toxins so I’m sure that is why.  After a hot salt bath he was feeling a lot better.  Hopefully tomorrow his arms will look better and not drive him so crazy! I have never gotten poison ivy before and I am pretty sure that I can’t get it.  I’m a big hiker, and I have literally walked right through it unknowingly before and still never got it.  Maybe Aubrey can’t get it either?! I hope not because I would hate to see her have to deal with that, it looks so uncomfortable!

Saturday night after getting all cleaned up and eating dinner, we just watched movies together as a family and went to bed because the sun made us pretty tired.Aubrey also ate her first Popsicle!



Sunday was a little less warm but still beautiful, and we started the day with a trip to the park to walk a few miles.  My mom and I went shopping, and that was pretty much it as far as anything.  The next few weekends are going to be pretty busy, so it was nice to be very low key and enjoy the good weather and family!

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I am such a mess.  I physically could not find the charger for my camera’s battery ANYWHERE the past few days.  I have been wanting to do a new post or two but refused to use my phone to take pictures.  I finally found it today under my bed after having an epiphany where I randomly remember letting Aubrey hold it after she saw it sitting out while I was picking out an outfit.  She must have tossed it under there, that sneaky little leprechaun;)



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! Today I made Aubrey a festive lunch.  Shamrock-shaped peanut butter sandwiches, green apple slices, and some green goldfish to snack on.  I would post pictures of it, but the epiphany didn’t happen until after lunch time.  My life would not be my life if I wasn’t constantly searching for something.  I feel like I always know where something is, I see it in a certain spot everyday, and then the day I need it, it’s never where it’s supposed to be.  Oh well, lunch was cute! You’ll just have to take my word for it! 🙂

After lunch, we ran around outside and then went to the park for a walk.  Today was the first day in a while that wasn’t absolutely freezing with snow on the ground.  Although it was a bit windy, we were so happy to get some fresh air, especially because there are rumors that we’re getting more snow on Friday?!




Today also happens to be my brother-in-law’s birthday! We had all different kinds of cake to celebrate.



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