This weekend was amazing.  The weather was just right for playing outside and taking pictures.  After breakfast on Saturday, Aubrey immediately ran to the door to go outside.  Her new thing is she knows how to melt my heart in order to get what she wants, and it is actually hilarious.  She will run to the door and say “Mommy, peas?(please) Outside?” and then she will come up to me and grab my hand and say “come on, mommy!” Her sweet little voice and the fact that she grabs my hand (when she used to refuse to hold anyone’s hand) gets me everytime and she knows it.  I had to laugh at the thought of me being wrapped around her little tiny finger….just like everyone else! 😉

After playing outside at the house and a quick trip to the park just so Jake and I could do a couple of laps around the track there, we took Aubrey to Valley Forge to run around and (of course) to take pictures. I love them!
















Not pictured: Aubrey falling face first into a bundle of poison ivy and me pulling some tics off of myself and Aubrey.  We came home and got baths and all refreshed. Aubrey did not get poison ivy, but Jake has it so bad on his arms and the back of his neck.  He has been miserable because of how itchy it is.  We made a little paste with baking soda and vinegar because I saw it on Pinterest, and that burnt a lot but it relieved the itching and he actually said it felt good.  It did make the poison ivy look a lot worse as far as being a lot more red and bumpy, but I know the vinegar draws out the toxins so I’m sure that is why.  After a hot salt bath he was feeling a lot better.  Hopefully tomorrow his arms will look better and not drive him so crazy! I have never gotten poison ivy before and I am pretty sure that I can’t get it.  I’m a big hiker, and I have literally walked right through it unknowingly before and still never got it.  Maybe Aubrey can’t get it either?! I hope not because I would hate to see her have to deal with that, it looks so uncomfortable!

Saturday night after getting all cleaned up and eating dinner, we just watched movies together as a family and went to bed because the sun made us pretty tired.Aubrey also ate her first Popsicle!



Sunday was a little less warm but still beautiful, and we started the day with a trip to the park to walk a few miles.  My mom and I went shopping, and that was pretty much it as far as anything.  The next few weekends are going to be pretty busy, so it was nice to be very low key and enjoy the good weather and family!

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